what is nitro coffee?

Nitro cold brew is cold brew coffeeinfused with nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas is completely safe and has been used in beer varieties like porters and stouts for decades. It creates small bubbles in the coffee and gives nitro cold brew its signature thick, creamy texture. The nitrogen also forms a dense, foamy top layer that resembles a beer head.

  • What Does Nitro Cold Brew Taste Like?

    Nitro cold brew tastes like a sweet, balanced coffee with a rich mouthfeel. The nitrogen gas reduces the coffee’s bitterness and acidity, and many non-coffee drinkers find it enjoyable. Thanks to its creamy consistency, those who normally favor milk and syrup laden espresso-based drinks can enjoy nitro cold brew without cream or sugar.

  • Nitro Cold Brew Caffeine

    Nitro cold brew has nearly 30% more caffeine than regular drip coffee. On average, a 12 oz. serving of nitro cold brew will contain 207 milligrams (mg) of caffeine. In contrast, a 12 oz. vanilla latte contains approximately 85 mg of caffeine. Some scientists believe nitrogen gas helps the body process caffeine, so nitro cold brew expedites energy boosts.

  • Nitro Cold Brew vs Cold Brew

    Cold brew is made by steeping extra coarse ground coffee in cool water for 12 to 24 hours, and nitro cold brew is cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas. Due to its extended brew times, cold brew coffee is known for its strong flavor. Nitro cold brew offers the flavor richness of cold brew, but the nitrogen gas removes any unpleasant acidic or bitter notes. It requires almost double the amount of coffee grounds to make cold brew, producing a highly caffeinated beverage. Because of the nitrogen infusion, nitro cold brew is more expensive to purchase and create than regular cold brew.

Nitro Coffee versus Traditional Coffee

Which Is More Nutritious?

In terms of nutritional value, traditional brewed black coffee will either have very little food value or nothing at all. In the majority of the cases, when you check a coffee nutrition label, you will either find zero or up to a maximum of 2 calories for a serving of black coffee. Nitrogen gas is inert and also lacks any nutritional value, so there is no noticeable nutritional increase in nitro cold brew verse straight brewed black coffee. However, minor variations may exist between coffee varieties depending on how dark the coffee has been roasted, where it’s origin is from and what the density is of the final brew

Pros Of Taking Nitro Coffee

It Is High In Antioxidants

One thing that scientific studies of coffee have found and yet not yet known to many people is the fact that coffee is the leading beverage to contain the anti-aging effects of anti-oxidants. One cup of coffee contains between 200-550 mg/cup of antioxidants, depending on its strength and origins.

Anti-oxidants help the body fight toxicity and repair damage caused by reactive molecules better known as free radicals. These molecules have unpaired electrons that can raise havoc with necessary cell structures such as proteins and DNA. Antioxidants offer your body’s cells donor electrons which disarm them of their capacity to damage you. They are protective against aging and numerous diseases that are partly caused by oxidative stress, even cancer. Antioxidants often have several other biological effects and are considered to contribute to one’s overall health.