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Keys Koffee

Organic Espresso Nitro Coffee, BIK 5 Gal Keg

Organic Espresso Nitro Coffee, BIK 5 Gal Keg

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Distinctive and delicious - A true Italian style coffee. Especially blended & brewed to produce "crema magnifica" on tap. Organic Guatemala, Mexico and
Ethiopian coffees. Pairs well with both our Flash Chillers and the Hot Nitro dispensers for perfect 24/7 Specialty Coffee Craft Draft nirvana.

Cal: 2, Protein: 0.3g, Fat: 0g, Sugar: 0, Caffeine: 110mg


  • Nitrogen infused coffee packaged in kegs are superior to single-use cans, bottles and other ready-to-drink (RTD) containers
  • Kegs are a superior container because of their durability and that they require less transportation energy than the same volume transported in single-use containers
  • Kegs protect product flavor better than a single serve container and each one potentially saves 80 RTD containers from the landfill
  •  NOTE : pricing varies depending on volume 
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